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Notice: Never practice BreathHoldWork while immersed in water unless you are under the supervision of a person qualified to respond.

3-Day Retreat
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
November 9-11, 2023

Our 3-Day Retreat includes three 6-hour days learning and practicing BreathHoldWork methods in a small, private group setting.

The Workshop involves both dry, on land practice as well as immersion practice in a pool. A portion of the Workshop may take place on the beach. Daily practice will also include specific stretches and exercises focused on respiratory flexibility and strength.

The Retreat includes a 4-night stay (Nov 8th-11th) in our Retreat residence, providing participants with a private room and daily brunch. View accommodations below. Travel expenses not included.

10-12 Maximum Group Size
$1,800.00 USD

1 Private Room per Registration
**Couples Rate Available upon Request: 2 Guests, 1 Room**

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Retreat Details

The BreathHoldWork Retreat in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is nearly sold out. Register NOW.

Our retreat includes 3 full days (Nov 9-11th) of instruction and practice, 6 hours per day, split into two 3-hour sessions. We will also provide a daily brunch on the days of instruction.

The retreat is open to anyone and everyone seeking:

  • The optimization of their physiological health through the self-regulation of breathing patterns both during and after practice.
  • The improvement of their mental clarity and emotional wellbeing. 
  • The enhancement of their physical performance. 
  • The acquisition of knowledge on a complex, fundamental, and fascinating topic.
  • The mastery of a new, profoundly effective way of meditating.

There are no pre-requisites to be a part of this retreat. However, to get the most out of the experience it is helpful to have the ability to fast for a few hours, or at least be able to eat lightly for a portion of the day.

This retreat includes a 4-night stay (November 8th-11th) in a private room at a private residence located in the Playacar neighborhood of Playa Del Carmen. See pictures of the accommodations below. You will have access to three kitchens and all common areas. 

You'll arrive on November 8th, enjoy three days of BreathHoldWork Meditation experiences from November 9th to 11th, and depart on November 12th. (Travel expenses not included)

Beyond being a health and fitness retreat, this is a Personal Transformation event. You will achieve much more than holding your breath for a long time. You will become an improved version of who you are, how you see yourself, and how you live your life.

During this unique retreat you will...

  •  Reset and boost your cellular respiration and rewire your nervous system to bring energy levels, positivity, and focus to your day-to-day life in a way you never have before.
  • Discover practical methods to release anxiety and negativity while soothing your emotional mind, allowing you to experience deep levels of relaxation. Moreover, you'll learn to reproduce the same relaxed state on your own.
  • Acquire an in depth understanding of physiological and neurological impact of breathing, breath-holding, and mindfulness.
  • Break a personal record for the longest time you've ever held your breath.

Content Overview

  • Breathing practice using various techniques.
  • Specific stretches and exercises focused on respiratory flexibility and strength.
  • Meditation, visualization, and self-hypnosis techniques.
  • Breath-holding protocols including both dry (on land) drills on full and empty lungs as well as immersion practice in the pool.
  • Lectures about the physiological, neurological, and physio-psychological aspects of breathing and breath-holding.

The practice is always designed to be Safe, Progressive, and Enjoyable.


Playa Del Carmen Retreat Accommodations

9 Bedroom, 6-bathroom private residence in the Playacar neighborhood of Playa Del Carmen in walking distance of the beach, shops, and restaurants.

All participants will have their own private room with a king or queen size bed.

Participants have access to three kitchens and living spaces during their stay.

A portion of the BreathHoldWork Meditation practice will take place in the pool located at the residence.

Learn BreathHoldWork Meditation first-hand with Erwan Le Corre.

Our in-person workshops and retreats offer an immersive experience into BreathHoldWork. Erwan's expert teaching will guide you through the foundations of breath-work, breath-holding, and deliver a deep meditative experience like no other.


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