"How long can you hold your breath?"

Everyone who has tried to hold their breath as long as they can quickly realizes how hard it is.
So how can someone hold their breath for several minutes? And how could someone even meditate while doing it?


That seems IMPOSSIBLE.

Yet this is exactly what BreathHoldWork® will teach you in a powerfully effective way.
It will take a methodical, progressive, insightful, and empowering process during which you will discover and experience yourself in ways you didn't expect:

You will have to delve deep within... and learn to master your inner experience.

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Benefits of BreathHoldWork


Improve Physiological Health


Enhance Emotional Resilience


Increase Mental Clarity


Boost Exercise Performance


BreathHoldWork Testimonials

"You have this new course BreathHoldWork meditation... which has been TRANSFORMATIVE for me."

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee


Scott R.

"Erwan is an absolute master of his craft.  He expertly guided us -- from newbies like me to experienced breath holders alike -- to a profound, transformative experience. I know I will now be a practitioner of breath-hold work for life, and I am profoundly grateful to Erwan for showing the way."

Jonathan F.

"This is the single most effective course of action you can take to reclaim your resilience, strength, and ability to be fit to serve on this planet, your community and families. Erwan will combine meticulous scientific research and realities, combined with breathing practices that are far more nuanced than any other yoga or breathwork program you can find. I imagine someday these methodologies could be taught in elite-level athletic or military programs, and also in mental health fields."

Joan B.

"From better breathing to breath-holding in different modalities, from relaxing your body and your mind to meditating on positive words, Erwan craftily opens doors for you and shows the possibilities ahead for continued experimentation. You will soon see this is a practice that you can bring to your whole day, permeating your life."

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee 

Best selling author & Host of the "Feel Better, Live More" Podcast

"This is a very special course that goes far beyond ‘breathwork’. Yes, you learn a lot about the breath but you will learn even more about your mind. And, how your thoughts and emotions influence your breath. At the start of the course, I was able to hold my breath for 1 minute. Within 4 weeks, I was able to hold my breath for 4 minutes and 20 seconds. And, I wasn’t even able to attend every session.

Erwan is a brilliant and masterful communicator and the way he delivers his teachings is powerful and captivating. His passion to help others shines through in every session. This course is not about learning a particular rigid methodology. It is about understanding yourself better - your breath, your mind, and your self-imposed limitations.

Although you will learn about breath-holds and you will absolutely increase your breath-hold times, this course is not really about breath-holds as a final destination. The breath holds are simply a tool - to put you and your mind under a controlled form of stress - and it is in the crucible of the breath-hold that you will experience profound learnings and insights. The most important lessons you will learn in this course are gained through experience, rather than just through acquiring knowledge - and, of course, this is the very best way to learn anything in life.

For me, the course has been truly transformative and most of the benefits are actually seen outside of the course and the breath-holds. Your ability to regulate and manage stress will be enhanced no matter what your starting point. I struggle to see how anyone would not experience huge benefits from doing this course and I would recommend it." 

Rangan went from a 1 min to a 4 min 20 sec maximum breath-hold time.

Listen to Dr. Chatterjee discuss his BreathHoldWork experience with Rick Rubin on a recent episode of his podcast, Feel Better, Live More.

Click here to listen to the full podcast at drchattergee.com

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US Record Holder in Breath Holding


Erwan holds the US National Record in STA (static apnea) under the CMAS rules and validated by the US Freediving Federation with a 7'29” breath hold. His personal best currently sits at 8'03".