"Feel Better, Live More" Podcast

Erwan discusses BreathHoldWork with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. PART 1


"Feel Better, Live More" Podcast

Erwan discusses BreathHoldWork with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. PART 2


Anil G.

"This course is not about setting a max breath-hold record, this is an opportunity to look within yourself and surpass your own potential using breath-hold as a guided tool into a meditative experience...Erwan takes you on a journey deep into your mind and body and what it really means to be in a state of calm, mentally and physically. The insights I learned in this course connected the dots I was missing in my yoga practice."

Demetris M.

"Erwan delivered an invaluable course full of knowledge and insights based on real life experience. The time he shared, the wisdom, clear explanations and pure dedication in his teachings gave me the confidence and the tools to improve my focus, the stress levels and sooth my emotional brain. I liked the combination of physiological and psychological components of his course. It was very effective, with tangible results."

Ben F.

"The practices Erwan shared in his course provided me with surprisingly accessible ways to improve my outlook, focus, stress level, sense of spirit and neurophysiology. All of these things and much more are to be found in simply breathing better.  While many of us know this intuitively and through exposure to some practices, Erwan seems to have distilled breathwork itself into the most useful meditation approach I’ve ever encountered."

Billy A.

I have played around with breathwork for some time now and have always defaulted to the “ragbag” exercises that lack purpose. Your course provided some meaning and guidance, and I look forward to the journey ahead! I have a chronic lung condition, so I put a premium on breathing, exercise, and overall health. Your course has provided me with tools that I plan to use for the rest of my life. The idea of improving my lung function is absolutely thrilling!! And I’m on my way…"

Carsten K.

"The results were way beyond my expectation. I started with an initial 1:29 breath-hold and 6 breaths per minute. The breaths per minute stayed nearly the same with now counting 5 (I guess 6 was already low), but I crushed my breath-hold record with a 4:55. Before we started, I really thought 3 minutes would be an ambitious goal. Now that 5 minutes mark or even more is absolutely reachable."

Drew C.

"This course is a game-changer! Meditation on steroids without the woo; that is how I would describe it. It took my meditation practice, which had stagnated a little, to the next level. I received very significant benefits within just a few short weeks of beginning the course. Better sleep, better mood, more laughter throughout the day, increased recovery from exercise, and best of all, profound relief from my food sensitivities that have plagued me for over a decade."

Andres S.

"I have been studying breathing techniques for the last 3 years and I have never encountered the type of content and training I was able to get from Erwan’s course. It covers all the essential aspects and the practical experiences are so valuable and put everything into perspective."

Natasha M.

"Even though I practiced breathing techniques daily I hadn't realised how stress from the uncertainty in my life was affecting my breathing during the times when I wasn't being mindful of it. I was initially filled with a real sense of panic as I held my breath, now I am much more relaxed...Not only do Erwan's techniques work but he has shown us the way to personal improvement. I can see what I need to focus on to bring lasting change not only to my breathing but to my life."

Genya K.

 I feel more at peace after my daily breathwork practices that were masterfully designed by Erwan.

I felt that Erwan's deeper desire was to help us go deep with our spiritual journeys, and we received one of the most potent tools from him."

Janene W.

"Erwan has a top to bottom system. I can't stress this enough. It is a system! SYSTEM! If you do what he says, you'll get the results. He has done all the hard work for us. He teaches how the brain works, how the body responds to holding your breath, and how to successfully work with both the mind and the body."

Kevin S.

"This is the best breathwork/exercises I have done. Even though I’m from a Chinese background and I have always been hearing about breath work as I was growing up in Taiwan, I never find any breath work that is as natural/effective as this. Either in Tai-chi/qigong or other meditations."

Jeff B.

"Not only did I extend my breath-hold time from 58 seconds to 3 minutes 15 seconds, but I feel more comfortable and confident in my breathing during regular daily activities. I understand and, most importantly, have experienced the power of proper breathing. These are practices and lessons that I will be returning to for a lifetime."

Keith W.

"BreathHoldWork opened up new doors for me. I learned to use stress and fear as points of growth, and how to remain calm under these conditions. I learned to pay attention to my nervous system and dance with the signals it sends our bodies. More broadly, I have a better understanding of how the body works, especially how to better align physically, mentally, and emotionally."

Matt H.

"BreathHoldWork provided a lens that brought so many interesting ideas into focus. The connection between meditation and breath. Not simple passive observation of the breath but purposeful control through the crucible of breath-holding. Choosing a mind-frame rather than letting your nervous system run amok...What's truly unique is the fact that you can quantify it all with a stopwatch. No bullshit. Just the truth."

Michael A.

"Erwan beautifully synthesizes a vast world of information, combining it with his own experience and ability to deliver his teachings and wisdom in narrative that takes you on a real voyage of discovery - not only of the subject matter, but more fundamentally, of who you are. It’s at times intellectual and scientific, at others emotional and spiritual. Erwan is a wonderful teacher and it was a real privilege to be taken through his unique approach."

Olivia C.

"My longest breath hold time increased by five times over the course of the month, which speaks to the effectiveness of the training and the desire to embrace it fully that Erwan inspires. This course has equipped me with plenty of tools to build my own practice and continue improving and gaining the benefits that go beyond physiological health. I now feel like I have a path forward to regain the regulated and resilient mindset of a more natural human."

Selim Ö

"I’ve been experimenting with breath-holding for about two years now, I read books, I watched youtube videos, tutorials of freedivers. I experienced profound benefits but I was somehow stuck in my practice and frustrated. The approach of trust and confidence changed everything for me. I deeply appreciate Erwan's teaching, This has been a milestone in my practice.”

Dermot L.

“When the opportunity presents itself to learn from a master, you must take it.

Erwan is a master of mind, body, and soul."

Oliver B.

"Some guys are good at doing things, other guys are good at teaching things. Erwan is excellent at doing both!

All you have to do is to trust him. Trust in his experience and his skills to transfer his vast knowledge of the human body and the human mind to you as a student."

Kristoffer K.

"For me, the real gem is Erwan's actual direct transmission of cultivating these inner spaces of love and goodness... through the seemingly simple practice of breath-holding. 

He might not say this at first, but to me, that is what he does, and this is what makes his teachings so powerful, and beyond most other approaches."

Derrick S.

"Erwan has found a unique intersection of physiology, psychology, and spirituality. He gracefully surfs all three while explaining his hard-earned insights as to how they all connect. Erwan is teaching a novel and profound type of meditation that invites us to explore the liminal space where the boundaries of the conscious mind and autonomic nervous system meet. His method provides us an opportunity to build a new relationship with the mental chatter of our minds.

Erwan is not just going to change the world. He is one of the architects of the better world that is coming. It was a privilege to attend his course."

Ulrich H.

"BreathHoldWork is the most interesting, unexpected and original teaching on the subject of breath, and I've tried them all. Erwan is a very engaging teacher, has a deep mastery of his craft and national records to prove it. I've developed patience and the practice of going into deep relaxation in a voluntarily induced state of high stress. So much so, that I held my breath for 6 minutes and 6 seconds in the last session, way beyond what I thought was possible, and the 2 minutes 10 seconds I did the first class.  I continue to practice the exercises every day and benefit from the principles shared by Erwan in my business and everyday life."

Eric L.

“I feel that my breath hold time is something that will increase with a greater, more dramatic breakthrough eventually. What I am most pleased about is how my overall breathing has slowed. I'm able to get into a relaxed, more meditative state with much greater ease through my breath hold practice. I'm thoroughly enjoying the process of discovering the power of breath hold work, and I look forward to continuing and learning through this important skill.”

Eric’s breathing rate at the start of the program was 12 breaths per minute, and decreased to 6 breaths per minute by the end.

Eric’s max breath hold time at the start of the program was 1 minute and doubled to 2 minutes 20 seconds by the end.

"I started the programme as a mouth and chest breather; both of which, if you sign-up for the programme you will learn, have negative health implications. After the four weeks, I have completely changed how I breathe - at rest and whilst exercising. This is still a work in progress but I believe I have made great strides towards breathing more healthily. For me, I really resonated with the idea that holding breath re-creates a controlled stressful situation. One where you can practice building trust, calm and patience and ultimately learn to manage stressful situations more resourcefully. As a result of my practice, I have seen changes in my day to day; feeling less triggered by stressful situations, responding more resourcefully and feelings of self-assurance. patience and trust. I really enjoyed Erwan's calm, presentation style and thought he role-modelled the benefits that come with participating on the programme. Also appreciated his knowledge of the subject. I loved this programme and would recommend it to all - "it's about so much more than breath-holding!""

Lindsay H.
Lindsay went from a 1:38 breath-hold to a 4:36 breath-hold in 4 weeks.

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