BreathHoldWork Meditation LIVE Program

The BreathHoldWork® Meditation Live Program is a  4-Week, 8-session, live, online program taught by Erwan Le Corre.

Learn BreathHoldWork Meditation Live, Online

This is your opportunity to learn BreathHoldWork® live, online with Erwan LeCorre. Hundreds of people have completed this program with outstanding results. Virtually every student has double, tripled, or quadrupled their max breath-hold time in 4 weeks, among many other improvements to their overall wellness.

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The breathing, breath-holding, and meditation program "BREATHHOLDWORK" is a very unique learning experience that will enable you to discover and harness an UNTAPPED physical and mental POTENTIAL you never knew you had.

This is no less than a Personal Transformation program. You will achieve more than holding your breath for several minutes, you will achieve an improved version of who you are, of how you see and live your life.

LIVE Program Overview

  • Breathing practice using varied techniques
  • Meditation, visualization, and self-hypnosis techniques.
  • "Dry"(on land) static breath-holding drills and sequences on both full and empty lungs.
  • Non-nerdy insights about the physiological, neurological, and physio-psychological aspects of breathing and breath-holding. In other words some cool, fascinating scientific stuff!
  • Progressions from session to session, with each new session bringing novel exercises and insights.
  • Instruction on exercises to do at home in between sessions.

"I’ve been experimenting with breath-holding for about two years now, I read books, I watched youtube videos, tutorials of freedivers. I experienced profound benefits but I was somehow stuck in my practice and frustrated. The approach of trust and confidence changed everything for me. I deeply appreciate Erwan's teaching, This has been a milestone in my practice."

Selim Ö

"Even though I practiced breathing techniques daily I hadn't realised how stress from the uncertainty in my life was affecting my breathing during the times when I wasn't being mindful of it. I was initially filled with a real sense of panic as I held my breath, now I am much more relaxed...Not only do Erwan's techniques work but he has shown us the way to personal improvement. I can see what I need to focus on to bring lasting change not only to my breathing but to my life."

Natasha M.

"This course is not about setting a max breath-hold record, this is an opportunity to look within yourself and surpass your own potential using breath-hold as a guided tool into a meditative experience...Erwan takes you on a journey deep into your mind and body and what it really means to be in a state of calm, mentally and physically. The insights I learned in this course connected the dots I was missing in my yoga practice."

Anil G.

During this unique program you will:

  •  Reset your breathing pattern, boost your cellular respiration as well as rewire your nervous system, bringing energy levels, positivity, and focus to your day-to-day life that you've never experienced before.
  • Discover practical methods to release anxiety and negativity while soothing your emotional brain and that will enable you to experience profound states of relaxation. Moreover, you will learn how to reproduce the same relaxed state on your own.
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of the physiological and neurological impact of breathing, breath-holding, and mindfulness.
  • Ultimately and optionally you might break a personal record for the longest time you've ever held your breath (even though it isn't the goal of this program).
  • So far all students have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled their maximum breath hold time before instruction.

This is a UNIQUE opportunity to learn Erwan's method directly from him through online LIVE instruction!

Safe. Progressive. Enjoyable.

Your Teacher

Erwan Le Corre, founder of MovNat,  "Godfather of Natural Movement" and author of "The Practice of Natural Movement" will be your exclusive teacher during this program. Erwan holds a US National Record in static breath-holding with a 7 minutes 29 seconds performance. His personal best currently sits at 8 minutes 03 seconds. 

This is a UNIQUE opportunity to learn with Erwan first-hand.

"The results were way beyond my expectation. I started with an initial 1:29 breath-hold and 6 breaths per minute. The breaths per minute stayed nearly the same with now counting 5 (I guess 6 was already low), but I crushed my breath-hold record with a 4:55. Before we started, I really thought 3 minutes would be an ambitious goal. Now that 5 minutes mark or even more is absolutely reachable."

Carsten K.

"I have played around with breath-work for some time now and have always defaulted to the “ragbag” exercises that lack purpose. Your course provided some meaning and guidance, and I look forward to the journey ahead! I have a chronic lung condition, so I put a premium on breathing, exercise, and overall health. Your course has provided me with tools that I plan to use for the rest of my life. The idea of improving my lung function is absolutely thrilling!! And I’m on my way…"

Billy A.

"My longest breath-hold time increased by five times over the course of the month, which speaks to the effectiveness of the training and the desire to embrace it fully that Erwan inspires. This course has equipped me with plenty of tools to build my own practice and continue improving and gaining the benefits that go beyond physiological health. I now feel like I have a path forward to regain the regulated and resilient mindset of a more natural human."

Olivia C.

Master your breath. 

Master your breath-hold. 

Master yourself.

Who is it for?

The BreathHoldWork Meditation LIVE Program is for everyone and anyone seeking:

  • The optimization of their physiological health through the self-regulation of breathing patterns both during practice and after practice.
  • The improvement of their mental clarity and emotional well-being.
  • The enhancement of their sports/fitness/athletic performance.
  • The acquisition of essential conceptual knowledge on a complex, fundamental and fascinating topic.
  • The mastery of meditation in a new and powerfully effective way.

There are no pre-requisites to participate in this program and very little equipment needed

  • A comfortable place to sit, kneel and lay down, such as a mat, a futon, a bed, or a couch.
  • A sleeping mask (for mindful practice).
  • A smartphone (a free app will be downloaded at some point during the program).

OPTIONAL yet recommended:

  • A nose clip (Click on this link to order the kind Erwan uses daily and recommends but alternatives can be found online). A nose clip helps retaining air while breath holding.
  • An oximeter, which is a very small and light device that measures your levels of blood oxygen as well as your heart rate. Inexpensive ones can be bought for as little as $20USD. (Click this link to order the one Erwan uses.)

"What you possess within matters more than what you own outside. Experience and knowledge that you assimilate are more valuable than material things that you accumulate. The latter augments what you externally possess, the former expands who you are deep within." ~ Erwan Le Corre

Read the Conditions Below Before Registering

  •  4-week program, 8 total sessions
  • Each session will last up to 3 hours. The full program includes 18+ hours of live instruction and practice.
  • The Program is designed to adapt to everyone's personal ability and live practice can be individually customized to a degree. An important aspect of the program will be to learn how to adjust the level of challenge of your own practice.
  • Online video meeting sessions are hosted on You must be signed in to your account and have a reliable internet connection.
  • This course does not include individual e-mail support in between sessions or individual programming once the program is over. Questions can be and must be asked during a live session only.
  • Bookings are non-refundable. Once you've booked, a space is reserved for you. If you change your mind or something happens that prevents you from attending before the program starts, you may transfer your spot to a future Live Program. Alternatively, you may grant your space to a person of your choice, but only before the start of the whole program.
  • Recordings of all 8 Sessions will be available to view for up to 1 week after the end of the program.

Are you ready to dive into the journey within?

"This course is a game-changer! Meditation on steroids without the woo; that is how I would describe it. It took my meditation practice, which had stagnated a little, to the next level. I received very significant benefits within just a few short weeks of beginning the course. Better sleep, better mood, more laughter throughout the day, increased recovery from exercise, and best of all, profound relief from my food sensitivities that have plagued me for over a decade."

Drew C.

"Erwan has a top to bottom system. I can't stress this enough. It is a system! SYSTEM! If you do what he says, you'll get the results. He has done all the hard work for us. He teaches how the brain works, how the body responds to holding your breath, and how to successfully work with both the mind and the body."

Janene W.

"This is the best breathwork/exercises I have done. Even though I’m from a Chinese background and I have always been hearing about breath work as I was growing up in Taiwan, I never find any breath work that is as natural/effective as this. Either in Tai-chi/qigong or other meditations."

Kevin S.

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